Friday, 21 August 2015

Trees - Cedar and Juniper

Though the construct of these two is very similar anyone who has handled these a lot knows the difference immediately. Cedar are soft while the Juniper are very "spiky"

If you're like me the Juniper gives a rash every time I weed around them.

These both are made from overlapping scales.
Stitching them is actually a matter of speed and smoothness.
The cedar are very round. A rapid stitching rate and slow rotational movements create a tight spiral.
Size difference indicates nodes or branching areas.

The juniper is made with a slower speed, resulting in an angular spiral.

A second pass adds scale definition.
Making a repeating U loop all the way down each section in a different colour, gives it more definition as well as establishes a bit of separation of the scales.

At the top, a sample of the final stitch.

To define the juniper the U loop is reversed, downward and angled slight outward.
This results in the Spikes that are so irritating.

At the top, a sample of the final stitch.