Monday, 13 July 2015

It's All About The Bird

It's been awhile since I posted a thread painted bird. So here's the whole process, step by step.

I ALWAYS start with a cartoon, of sorts.
This Finch was cut and fused to the background. I approximate the colour, but it seldom stays the same. Using an "almost" colour, saves thread.

I usually start with the brightest colour. In this case it's the orange/pink.

The direction the stitches are laid down, and the length of the stitches, give the look of feathers/fur.

The breast receives a pale pink over the center to help establish shape as well as highlight. Tucked under the wing, is a cinnamon brown as shadow. The rump is almost white.

A touch of blue under the grey layers, helps to define the larger flight feathers. There is always a circle around the bird eye but it's colour changes with the specie.

At the end, a branch (twisted cording in this case) is added and the legs and feet stitched. The eye is also darkened.

This bird was done entirely in situ. I wanted to see how my choice of stabilizer would hold up. Not well. Though I hadn't intended to micro quilt the interior of the scene, I ended up doing so to rid the wowing from the thread painting. Most of the time you can rid any distortion by quilting it .

As received an envelope finish. At 9 x 11, there is no need for a hanging sleeve. A simple ring will do the trick to display this piece.