Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cat Quilt Flimsy

After I finished enlarging all the blocks, I cut a template the size of the smallest block. Their sizes varied because the remnants I used to make and edge the blocks, were all different sizes.
Each one was cut to 15"x12".

Then the Folly of custom work raised it's funny little head when I realized I would need a Key Stone block in the center of the four off set blocks. Two colours? black or red. Red won. Had they all been the same shape this wouldn't have been necessary. Nothing like some inset seams to make your day.

After beefing up the edges of the narrower blocks, I gave it a border of 6 inches all around. This may be reduced a bit but the extra is great for mounting it on the quilting frame.

There is just enough "crookedness" to reduce the formality of the layout. This now goes into the quilting "Q".
It might be a bit before I can finish this one.