Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 Birch - When Enough is Enough

I spent most of yesterday putting on leaves. There are four different materials here. I had cut the same volume from each and "randomly" applied them.

 2 colours, bronze and purple

  4 colours, bronze. purple, pink and red.

It wasn't enough. I used all but the "pink" There were sections of that material that were too colourless.

In the end I added more red. I can still add more, but I don't' think I need to.

After a break while I watched the finish of the "Tour de France", I bit the bullet and started in on the main trees. They were a bit plain in comparison to the three small ones. After I edged the left hand side with a dull beige, I got out the ink pencils and added more snudge, and interest. As a last touch, I increased the "Shadow" areas where the shrubs would be blocking the light.

This is really touchy work, and as edge areas becomes dampened to spread the ink, it increases the length of time I have to wait to finish this.
The remainder needs to be over quilted.
I had hoped to have this complete for today as I intended it a gift ...for our anniversary.
Maybe tomorrow.