Thursday, 2 July 2015

Starting Something New

It's not that I'm not planning on doing more dyeing and painting, it's just that I have to sew!

I've been making fabric with a specific theme in mind. I could continue doing that, or I could start a new piece. Today I started. But I had to paint two other piece of fabric. LOL

My large birch piece really spoke to me. (D&B) Maybe Canadian's have an extra appreciation of the birch, For me, they signify "cottage" country and summer camp. They are primarily found a bit further north from here. I wanted to do it again, but this time focus more on the birch themselves.

I found this photo. It could be a painting. Sometimes when things turn up in a Google search or on Pinterest its hard to trace it back. But I just loved this one. My plan are MUCH BIGGER this time. And I intend to keep this one.

 First, believe it or not, I had to make more birch fabric. Spatter painted in black a orange/gold. (ruined a blouse) I didn't have a big enough piece left from the other piece. Another full metre piece is the background.

That's where I am at this moment because...

I found a second painting? of Forest Fire. Rich and dramatic, I decided I had to do this one as well. They will work hand in hand as I need to manufacture trees for both of the pieces. Background for one and feature for the other.

So I dyed last night, and over painted this morning a suitable piece for that.

These two have been in front of me on the computer screen for a long time.
Starting is ALWAYS the HARDEST. It's like putting your toe in the water. Diving in is best. It will happen..................
Maybe today?