Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fairy Quilt

I raised two boys, so fairies were not a big thing, if every, in my house. So this quilt is, so NOT ME. But I was gifted this panel printed from the estate pictures of Cecily Mary Parker last summer, and quite frankly I was at a loss.

 After some cyber consultations I came up with a programme. I cut off the Froufrou on the edge and added first a batik border with green vine like foliage and then a red batik as close to the colour in the poinsettia in the panel.
As this piece was long and narrow, I made two of the side panels wider than the top to bringing the final size to 50" x 60", making this a very usable throw or comfort quilt.

 This now will be given to my guild that supports a local programme for abused children. Hopefully it will bring some comfort to a little someone.

I included some close ups of a few of the "fairies" I embedded into the quilting. This was perhaps the hardest part of this exercise: find simple pictures of fairy folk that didn't resemble Barbi Dolls. I was hoping Disney knew better but no. I finally went back to the work of Beardsley and Rackham  for what I envisioned as lovely and innocent looking, androgynous, fairy folk.