Wednesday, 5 November 2014

End of the Season

We've had our first dusting of snow so its a push to get the rest of the "gotta do" chores done before winter sets in. I really don't want the snow to stay yet. We had an early winter last year and it just makes the whole messy season too long. When I was younger and skied etc with my kids that was different, but now I just hunker down and wait it out.
The Fruit cake was the first sign of winter, and then I turned to putting my garden to bed. I have a perennial garden. There are those who like to leave it all for nature and clean in the spring and then there are those, like me, who want to clean it up now.

I have extra reasons for my thorough cleanup...I'm at war with a rabbit. Two winters past the rabbits moved into my back yard and did a lot of damage.

Second summer of healing, but it will take 2 more growing seasons to close this wound.
 Last winter I successfully fenced them out and will do so this month BUT I decided to prune heavily to encourage the rabbit to move on. My back slope is a mix of Hansa shrub roses and cotoneaster, both of which are the perfect cover for the rodents of this world. So I spent 4 hours this morning and made 5 trips to the compost depot in the city and striped the garden of all its hiding places. (Almost)

I filled in and blocked a few gaps in the fence where he might enter from the neighbours and removed as much cover as I could with out damaging the shrubs. Both these plants do well with heavy pruning, but I'm usually to busy to do it right.
So here are some shots for what I did. Each has a midsummer view and a view before I started and the portion of the garden as of now.
I'm not finished, but my energy gave out. I'll wait for another "nice" day to finish up.

Mid summer with echinecea and day lilies
Filbert in is autumn colour and Aconite with a shot of Blue
Most of the perennials have died back

Roses cut to the ground cotoneaster sheered down
Then next 3 repeat the process. This is the central part of the garden

And the far corner where Le Lapin prefers to catch the afternoon rays.

So right now I will put my feet up with nice cup of Coffee and rest!! Tomorrow is soon enough to sew.