Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Water and Trees and the Surface of the Moon

That's how I spent my day.

This is where an ordinary raw applique landscape comes alive. But it does take time.
I started with the mountains. Not much to add here but a few lines to imply texture and structure. I chose a colour one darker than the batik.

The green hills were topped with a few trees in 3 colours, darker as they progressed down the slope into shadow.

The water has 4 colours. Pale pink, blue and yellow to go with the painted fabric. And a final pass with my shiny "Snow" thread.
I took a quick look on line to see how others handled the moon. It was either with a face, or craters. So using the snow once more I filled my 3 moons with craters.

Over all that, I cut out some shoreline trees, in a olive shade darker than the hills.. But it needed a little more depth so I painted over the bottom areas with a dilute black. We'll see how I like that tomorrow. I can always add more.

 The Olive fabric is not dark enough so I added black paint. Makes a huge difference, certainly makes the moon's reflection stand out more..

So here's the gallery once more.
What's left to do? The remaining dark water and the sky.