Saturday, 1 November 2014

Jelly Bean House - Final

What a perfect way to come down from a sugar high after Hallowe'en. Jelly Beans!!

This is finished. The features are all glued. fused and stitched to the red siding. I added the beading to the house number and made a door handle from sequins, beads and bugles. I still have back some topiary in pots but I'm thinking now, I don't want to spoil the clean lines of this house.
I finished it with an envelope style binding just turning the edges under. The ridged stabilizer had to be trimmed away to do this but it is still right to the edge at the top and bottom, the roof and the stairs.

This will be part of a collage of 10 visions of this wonderful and endangered feature of St John's Newfoundland. I guess I should try to get there soon. ( I'll wait for the good weather)
When my group has assembled the entire project, probably mid-March, I'll post the completed piece.
Final size 10" x 29"