Wednesday, 26 November 2014

3 Little Landscapes - finished

The remainder of the work, the sky and the dark water was just mechanical and time consuming. I discovered a while ago that when I do multiples, 3 is my limit. More than that I lose the consistency in my detail and micro stippling.

After I finished the dark water with a deep navy and a warmer navy, I stippled the sky with a dark mono filament. It added just a little sparkle with no additional colour.

The mountain tops received a bit of "snow" and then .......I got out my Pearl paint. This was diluted down and added onto almost all the surfaces; around the moon, the mountain and hill tops, the tops of the trees and the dark water.

In a few places it seems I used more than I had intended, (can't really tell until it dries,)  but if I've learned anything in the past, it's that everything I do, whether its what I intended or no, appeals to someone.

So tomorrow these are off to BC.
This was a nice transition from the intense work of the Tofino piece to a more lighthearted and simple design. Sort of like a bit of sorbet, to cleanse your palate before you start the next course.

And what IS my next course.....Tomorrow!