Monday, 24 November 2014

Between Again - Can't sit Still - GOTTA SEW!

I'm in that awful unsettled space where I haven't chosen a new piece and have to sew something.
I'm very aware that the pieces I make with deer and Bear move quite quickly, but I'm not ready to revisit that subject. I do have something in mind as a personal piece, but I've not "got all my ducks in a row", yet.
After  going to the gym, sifting through all the photos I have on my hard drive and watching the horizontal rain out my front window, I decided I would do a few quick pieces to send out west.

A little " moonscape " caught my eye and I spent several hours pawing through my fabrics. I am determined to use one of my painted fabrics in each new piece I make so I settled on this lovely and
soft piece for my moons.

While they are very simple and elementary in design, these landscapes all hinge on the fabrics. My space is still a mess from the Tofino project but I just wanted to start so I added even more chaos, sorting through Fat quarters and cut-offs.

I think they'll do. MY fabric is the moon and the reflection on the dark water. I used what I had.
(I will not buy fabric, I will not buy fabric, I will not buy fabric........................but maybe for Christmas I get a gift certificate for..................FABRIC!)  Oh what an obsession.

So these have a long way to go. Thread painting, and I'm just dying to paint some of my Pearl paint on the moon, the water, and maybe the tops of the mountains.
So here are the 3, similar but different. They will all finish around 10"x 14".

( I can't describe how calm I feel now knowing I have some beauties in the studio waiting for me.............maybe the glass of wine helps too) LOL