Monday, 20 October 2014

Tofino Trail 2

I spent another couple of hours on this piece this morning and I think its going to do what I want.
If you have an imagination like mine you can see that when the piece is folded in on itself it begins to take on the appearance of gnarly tree roots.
But I can go no father with this for probably a week.
I had to mail order some wash away stabilizer from Barrie ON. Any of my local supplies only sell pieces or very small amounts and I won't pay that markup. I've orders 3 rolls of ten feet. That should last me for a couple of years.
I need it because I now want to stitch over this piece and give it even more furrows and crevasses in yarn and thread. I MAY add some chiffon as well. This all needs to be done before I fold it and stitch it into place.
So here's the full piece and then folded into root like position. (The yellow pins are a bit distracting, but I'm sure you can see past that. LOL