Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Red Rock Canyon - Vegetation

I spent a few days carefully satin stitching a tiny line around a number of the rock to better define them and give them a sharper edge.  The sky is still a question mark but I started in on the vegetation today.

After some rough branch work in a pale green and grey, I started with the netted foliage. so far, in all I've used about 5 colours. The greens are muted in the bright light and I suspect they may be a bit dusty. It will probably take another full day to layer as much as I want. Each application of netted foliage is a different colour or combination. The result is very complex colour.

Background branches in pale green and grey and one layer of netted foliage

This portion of the brush has two different layers of netted foliage applied with yet another colour of green.
The brush in the distance has one layer of brush and the foreground has, to this point,three layers.