Sunday, 26 October 2014

Jelly Bean Houses - Great Day for Construction.

Actually I've been working on these pieces for about 3 days now. The shadow effect I wanted, to give that 3 dimensional look, worked very well.
I only burned myself a few times fusing the little bits.
The address has no meaning for me. I'm considering beading over the numbers so I wanted some fluid shapes with no sharp corners as the numbers are only about a centimetre tall.

The roof, porch and steps are the only things left. I'm trying to decide whether to do cement ie grey, or wood. As my trim is beige I'm sure the stairs should?  match and if not, what other colour would I like to introduce.
Ed wanted a green door but this blue is one of my favourites so I went with it. ( And it drags the red back from orange)

I wasted a lot of pieces miscalculating overlap and wrap around distances.