Thursday, 23 October 2014

October 23 - Bonus sewing

Well I worked on the two pieces today, both the Jelly Bean House and the Tofino walk.
I redrew the doors and windows and cut and pasted them on the siding. Still not quite right but close. I was thinking about using some stiff stabilizer to build up the sashing and make the piece 3 dimensional. Its pretty thin, so maybe I'll boost it with batting as well.

The Tofino piece needed a lot more work on the tree base. My DH took one look at it this morning and snickered........(he'll pay.)
I started by tucking in bits of dyed cheesecloth and anchoring it with thread. I switched from a dark invisible thread because it was too shiny. My wash away stabilizer had arrived in the mail yesterday so I used pieces of it to stitch over all the folds and the yarn to anchor the cheesecloth and to create tucks and folds in the material.
I trimmed it slightly and placed it on the chosen dark green background, still auditioning whether I would emphasis this as a vertical or horizontal piece. Horizontal would give me more space for ferns and leaves. Vertical emphasises the trunk more than anything else.
I assembled several paper patterns for the board walk. This has a retreating perspective that also makes an abrupt turn. After playing with it for about an hour I was able to cut and assemble grey boards. These are stitched together with a fold to help differentiate the planks and add some dimension.