Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Red Rock Canyon - Vegetation - Day 2

Layers take time but they are well worth it. The annoying part has got to be changing thread colours all the time. I've tried doing multiples in each colour but I've since decided doing each individually give a more natural feel, as they are all the same.. but different.

The first two pics are one from yesterday and the finished second and third layers. Quite a difference. (Lets discount the red shift in the rocks. That's my still amateur photo shop skills)

The remainders are completed "shrubbery". Adding this green has had a softening affect on the bold orange. There are many combinations here. In some cases simply changing the tension was enough to shift the emphasis from the top thread to the bobbin thread. There are lots of differences even within the same shrub.

This last one may get more, but I'm liking the thin foliage at the top which in my eye has changed solid vegetation (olive) into shrub in front of a tan rock.

Gotta go to work now and pay for this habit! Tomorrow?