Sunday, 28 February 2016

PPM 2016

Had a lot of fun on Saturday at this years Past Presidents Mystery quilt sew.
It's always a chance when you pick fabrics from the scanty info you receive ahead of the day.

This was by far the most modern quilt they have offered. It's only 60 inches sq, so I spent some time lat evening with my EQ6 trying to determine if and how I could enlarge it. The limitation of course is the amount of the original fabric I started with. So that may not happen.

It was a rather chaotic event. Get all those women sewing and ironing and chatting.....LOL
It was hard to visualize what went where. The instructions were a little too "picture oriented" for certainty. Consequently I had to re-cut and resew parts of this today. Looking at it, finished, I'm thinking it will probably be worth unstitching the top right corner to correct the block joints. I had replaced 4 blocks in the area. They were the wrong colours and I tried to insert them, but I didn't quite get the corners right. That's for tomorrow.

All that empty space just calls for some interesting quilting!