Sunday, 14 February 2016

GCQ - I went Bigger!

All it took was 10 minutes of choosing the fabric and pinning it in place.

Looks great but.....
I did draw trimming lines down each side in black marker a few days ago. I could stitch with colours over them and it would muddy the lines enough they would disappear.


I could add two trees.

This won't take much to blend them in.
And in the end...if I do decide I want less left bottom.......I can cut it all off.
Spent most of the day working up to two edges to blend them into the centre.
After thread painting white, black and silver leaves over snippets of cloth leaves, I added green gauze and finished the edges with evergreens.
Once the two new tree trunks are given wool and stitching, everything will be at the same place and I can move on to finish.
I Do like this bigger.
New right edge

New left edge

Edge trees stitched and stained with ink