Monday, 7 March 2016

Winter/Spring Colds

I ALMOST made it this year. But alas, no.
I've been laid really low and slowed right down by simple "cold" since Thursday, last.
And I'm still not back. When you can't get any sleep, you really don't function during the day.

But I did manage to sit, under several blankets and sweaters and finish assembling my "Jane".
But I had put off the decisions about the colour for the alternate wedge blocks, so I looked at a few alternatives today.

One of the issues is I doubt that I own a big enough variety of suitable fabrics, those with a civil war feeling or at least not batik or gay motifs to use as inserts. A friend had suggested I choose two or three colours and do a variety of tones.

But I really lack the energy to root through my stash and find 56 pieces of at least 5"x7" material.
So I auditioned using my sashing material.  I had thought that this might be a possible choice when I bought it and purchased enough accordingly. Whether this is an "informed" choice or just my lethargy speaking I don't know, but this was all I had the energy to do today.

( hate being this sick and weak )

This is only half, but this still reads as a light coloured quilt.

My friend's argument had been the wedges were such a heavy shot of colour they needed the weight of a solid to hold them.

Here the wedges are laid on the sashing material.
I think it makes them lighter as well.?

So I still don't know what choice to make.
Maybe I'll sleep on it.
Maybe I'll GET some sleep tonight!