Thursday, 11 February 2016

Heading for the Finish Line - GCQ

This piece has taken too long. Part of it was my indecision and part was other things pushing it aside. A busy week kept me from even thinking about it.
Now I find future work is threatening to interfere, so it's time to just DO IT!

One of the triggers for today's energy was I needed an example of light and shadow to take to my landscape group that meets once a month. Light has been our theme and this month's assignment ( my suggestion) was to put light into a landscape, other than fabric colours.
As I lay awake in bed, I decided to follow the advice I'd given a friend just yesterday: if you're not sure, use crayon or coloured pencil. You can control the intensity until you're sure enough to finish it in thread.
So I added some shadow to my major trees.

And then I added some more trees, at the back in the front, some old and some young, representative of an active healthy forest. ( I also enlarged my people on the bridge.)

I had been undecided about filling the foreground with trees but now that I have started doing just that, in the mid ground, it just seems a natural.

I'm also toying with the length of this piece. Photoshop is great for this stuff.