Saturday, 6 February 2016

Off MY feet but Back to the Woods

Doing two quilts back to back was hard work. My legs, shoulders and neck often ached at mid day so I took breaks by working on my DJ
I started piecing this together with my feet on a hassock and a glass of wine at my elbow. Couldn't be nicer. Stitched in pairs then 4 then 16. This shouldn't take too long. And all those little "I'll fix it later"...... get fixed  now.

This afternoon I FINALLY turned back to the GCQ, 25 Shades of Grey.
I wanted to revisit embroidery on the wash-away stabilizer. The first time had been a mess because I washed the glue away without pinning the pieces. This time I washed them and dried them while they were pinned. Other than their being a bit stiff as the glue was not all washed away, I could cut and trim them with now difficulty. These are tiny pieces. ( I really didn't want the headache of thread painting over all the layers I had already applied.. I'll save that for the bigger pieces.)

I wanted some very small herbs and ferns and as this is moon lit, pale, using a variegated thread allowed me to build up up lighter and darker areas.

I cut these into a strip and heavily pinned every tip so they wouldn't curl during washing and drying.

Then I glued them into position. I can stitch them down later when I start sewing on this piece again.

I saved the lightest ones for the areas in the moonlight.

Most of these went on the edges of the ravine.

They may be too small to show in this photo, but they add subtle colour and soften the transitions between rock and soil, light and dark.

I'm happy with this. Tomorrow I'll make more!