Saturday, 19 December 2015

Time to Bite The Bullet

.......................and learn to hand quilt.
You can only look at U tube videos for so long and then you have to DO IT.

I pinned this Challenge piece with all the pins I own. I had a couple of different thimbles and heaven knows how many type of needles and dove it.
I tried hooping the piece first but couldn't find a comfortable way to hold the hoop and stitch. I see why they have a frame attachment. And I want to stitch IN MY FAVOURITE CHAIR. so resting it on a table was out....for now.
I had just come off assembling DJ blocks, using running stitches whenever possible so I felt most comfortable manipulating the fabric. The results...?

I don't think it's TOO bad.........?
Yes it is a large stitch, but I'm concentrating right now on getting them even and ALWAYS catching the backing.
Fingers sore? Yes.
I'm thinking on how to prevent that. People talk about using a spoon on the underside. Can't quite visualize that yet! ( Going to have to wrap some fingers though. I'm getting a lot of irritation on the cuticle line.)
But it's something I can pick up and put down. That's important in the coming week with company  interrupting  my stitching. LOL