Saturday, 12 December 2015

Catching Up!

I didn't realize a whole week had passed. I have been busy but it's not like me to not have SOMETHING to offer! ( But my Christmas shopping is done!)

Two get togethers this week, first the monthly Guild meeting, our Christmas meeting. It was fun. All the splinter groups presented an idea of what we were doing. I didn't have to speak. That was perfect.
We've had quite a few new members join this fall so it was a way to introduce and invite them to join in and get to know some of us better. I remember feeling on the outside. I almost stopped attending. This group didn't have anything to offer me. Then, on a whim I joined a small group. What a difference. I discovered another member lived just down the street, and I've gained a lot of good friends and a zillion acquaintances.

My second get together, at my home (I love not having to go out in the evening), was my Landscape group. As per instructions last month, we each brought 10 fat eights in a range in one colour. We divided this and everyone took home a colour chart. Our goal is to better our ability to depict light and it's tones, whether it be in daylight or shadow. We all want to move past the "grey day" depictions we feel stuck in. Quite a challenge, believe me. Its easy with paint but hard with cloth. We all see our shortcomings but haven't yet found a comfortable path past this road block.

So here is my chart. Everyone has the same selection but some mounted them differently.