Friday, 18 December 2015

A Family of Stockings.

Assembling these two stockings took another day. I made them the same size as the knit ones and it wasn't until I was turning them right-side I realized there is a lot more give in a knitted stock as opposed to a quilted one.   LOL
( Good things these are meant as ornament. Nobody is under 30 now and what Santa leaves anymore won't fit in a sock! )

Arwynn's sock was a little more troublesome. Her name is long and at full size it wrapped right around the top. That meant I couldn't assemble the stocking as two complete halves. The name went on at the end as a band onto the sock tube.

I finished them with quilting of course. The red was done in tiny shells, the green in MacTavishing and the white toe and heel in a stitch to mimic the stitches in the turned heel and toe of the knit ones.

So now the Family Hearth reflects the present day, a blended family.  (We're still short two persons, two more stockings, overseas in Switzerland.)

Yesterday, when I was first typing this, I was really struck by the knowledge that my precious stocking, preserved in a box now, was knit 60 years ago by my mother.
I wonder if any of my creations will be around after I am long gone?