Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Found my Fantasy Tree - Now I'm Inspired!

I know that if I wait long enough, ignor something on my wall long enough, the answer will come to me. This exercise started out as just that, an exercise, but somehow I can't leave it there. I have to WANT to do it.
To day I found my 25th tree. I found the one I will feature.
Sorry little silver tree, but I'll use you as part of the label.

THIS is my tree!
Recognize it!    NO?

Think LOTR!
So that image takes me to this.

My geometry needs a little work.
And there is always THIS interpretation.. a little less formal.

And then of course there's this approach ( I don't usually put ALL of my thoughts on this board, but this is what I go through,, ALL THE TIME). Now, is this more or less formal? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

What I really liked about this tree was I could see the top arch being a row of silver prairie points (my new best friend?)
And then of course there's the Tree of Amalion.