Thursday, 17 December 2015

Getting Ready For Christmas

Well Christmas is a week away and it occurred to me my DSD daughter and her husband do not have Christmas Stockings.
I have a Christmas Stocking, my children have stockings and even my husband has a stocking
My mother knit the originals about 60 years ago. She made one for each of us in our family, 6.
Then she made some for her sister's family of 6. The first ones were made from wool. But they didn't age well. The white wool yellowed and started looking nasty. So she remade them all in acrylic.

But with 1 week left  I didn't think I had the time to knit two stockings. My  neice has the pattern now. (She's knitting one for my Grand nephew.)
So I decided this morning to sew a couple. What could be easier.

Ran off the name banners on the embroidery machine and then drew a Santa template to work from.

These stockings have two Santa's each, one front and back. (They also have our birth years.) So I drew up enough pieces to applique four Santa s. ( I decided the belt and boots should be black)

I spent most of the day assembling the first.
 Diddly diddly work!!!!

Then I decided, rather than applique this guy into place I would REVERSE applique him with the green background. I reasoned there were areas that might be a little thick to needle turn.

I used the original cartoon to position and trim out the excess material from the centre. Then I put them together.

Well Santa is a bit skewed but its not bad. The second one in a straight applique went a little smoother and he is a little fatter LOL

But I don't think they can be mistaken for anything but Santa!