Monday, 7 December 2015

One Cannot live on Fabric Alone!

I had to take a few days off this week, one day to clean (yuck) and one day to bake (yum).
To bad we can't get through the Christmas holiday with just Fruit cake. Do you know there are people who don't like Fruit Cake? (Not from my loins I tell you.)

So today was Short bread day.
I have several recipes, some from my Aunt and mother. both long gone, and some from my sisters. I seem to make a different one each year. I really have no preference whether it's light and flaky
and "melting your mouth" or dark and firm. But then I think I eat more on the day I make them than for the rest of the holiday.....usually in the form of dough.'s the best.

(I had a girl friend from my preteen days who I used to bake with, under the supervision of her mother and less frequently, mine. One time we did actually eat the whole bowl of raw dough. It was good........we were sick.)

So here is this years efforts. Hopefully they will last till the big day. Did I say I was dieting? the pre-Christmas last ditch effort to shed the Thanksgiving deposits?

This tray was an easy  one.
2C butter, 1C white sugar, vanilla and the 4 C flour.

(I only ate the broken ones)

And then for hubby the Scots shortbread from a mold. (Lee Valley)

I have to say it is easier. Mix the dough (this one used icing sugar) pack it in the mold and bake.
It still took all morning.
But the house smells great.
(Guess I need to brush my teeth.)