Saturday, 12 December 2015

25 Shades of Grey OR...... a Canadian Winter HA!

My head has been going around in circles and I don't enjoy that. The way to fix it was to break the chain. I finished the Paper pieced trees to stand alone.
It's small but I thought it charming when I first saw it......and still do. But I added a couple of twists. One was the silver tree.
I knew I was going to embellish this piece and still am. BUT it needed a kick. In a number of pieces I've viewed on line a punch comes from an unexpected colour.
So I added one evergreen. I actually had the whole piece assembled and took it apart to add this guy.

And as the others were paper pieced I though it should be the same so I sketched out a pattern and Voila!

  Isn't he cute? I'm still deciding whether to deck it out as a Christmas Trees......hummmmmmmm.

So here's the whole. Its sweet but not exciting........yet. I can see a few tiny cardinals and squirrels etc.
Maybe a lot!

This will be finished with a black border but I haven't decided the width. My head was toying with the idea of quilting a lot of scroll work, in silver. I have to think about that one for a while.