Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thanksgiving and Trees both start with the letter T

I went downstairs to do some laundry after I changed the sheets because I have company coming ..........and there was my sewing machine.

How could I ignor that Karma.

I sat down and did one more tree.... heehee!

Now I have 4 deciduous renderings for my ladies. We may not get to this stage but I want to have them there for them to see and examine their construction. A few you've seen already.

Thread painted on a stabilizer

8 strand Gimp, no stabilzer

3 2-strand cords, separated and rewound, on canvas
Round knitted cord, unraveled, no stabilzer
Each has its uses and problems in construction, but there are so many ways and materials to use.

Back to cleaning and cooking. Have a great Holiday.