Thursday, 1 October 2015

55 inches of Sky

I said it would take me a week and it did. ( Mind you, life also got in the way a few times.) It wasn't until I had worked at it for a few days that I realized why it's been over a year since I did this the first time. Really slow and tedious. But look what I ended up with!

This is 55 x 60 inches. That's a lot of background.
It was hard to get a really clear picture of the colour shifts because they're delberately blended.
All the thread changes colour slightly on the blue fabric as well as next to other thread, and it will also change a bit depending on what goes on the surface. Our eyes are very sensitive to some of the blends and of course we sometimes see colours that aren't there. LOL

Here's an enlargement of a small part. OOOOOOOOO it almost behaves like a Fractal!!

I'm very pleased with it. Do I have immediate plans for it? No.
But its ready when I'm inspired......again.
And I'm really glad its done !!!