Saturday, 10 October 2015

More Bits and Pieces - Stamping

To morrow is Thanksgiving. The thing that makes it really important for me this year is 3 fold. My husband emerged from a medical scare, hale and hearty, and BOTH my sons will be here tomorrow for a visit.
OH no.....that means I have to clean and cook.
Yeah there is time enough for that ...tomorrow. 3 men........more interested in whats on the table than the occasional dust bunny.

This week my group were together and after we talked our heads off for an hour decided we should do SOMETHING. The woman's whose house we met at this month was/is an avid scrap-booker. She had this marvellous selection of stamps. So we stamped.
What stamps did I use? You have to guess?


Just a few mind you. I brought them home and tried to colourized them a bit with ink pencils.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I didn't think to ask if the stamps inks were waterproof.
Oh well.
I was going to use these in a few Christmas cards but maybe not.
They're sweet
Might do it again. This does have some possiblilties!!!!