Sunday, 25 October 2015

Finishing The BLUE JAY

Now that the workshop is over I can return to finish the Blue Jay. ( Oct 7 )
This was a commission by a couple who purchased a Cardinal in 2013.
While I finished the Jay a few weeks ago, the hold up was finding a suitable backing. I did source one in the states and then found I could also purchase it here in Cambridge. So now I have lots for future winter Birds!

This was the fabric. Its a little dark and I really don't like the deer in the background, but its better than the others I had auditioned. By fussy cutting I was able to get a spot roughly 9 x 11 to match the size of the cardinal piece.

 The pesky little deer, top and bottom, will be cut off as this is finished. So on to the branches, just as I taught yesterday.

 I used 4 colours of green, the last one being glossy embroidery thread.

The blue jay was lightly "stuffed" and anchored by feathering the edges with the white, blue and black.

I used a white edge on the cardinal, so I added one here to make the binding a compliment.

And finally a black binding.
( See the deer are gone!)