Saturday, 24 October 2015

Post Workshop Reflections

We  had a great time!
The day flew by and my friends sewed their little hearts out. The set up was marvelous. We rented space in a local quilt shop and they provided all the hard material, tables, chairs, cutting materials and YES, even COFFEE. They were great. Creative Sisters in Kitchener/Waterloo

Sew here we are, all working hard, nose to the job.

What a disciplinarian I was. NO ONE was talking....

And what we they working on so hard in the first hour...........exercises!
Practicing those minute movements necessary for the very small. And they did such a marvelous job..............I GRADED their WORK! ( once a teacher always a ..........)


Straight A Students

( Well I didn't expect any less!)

And of course, what we they all there for????? TREES.
Definitely the most beautiful trees ever stitched by humans!!! My goodness, some of my friends realized they had never really looked at trees. But that's true, I think for most of us and most things. To be a true artist you need to LOOK at things.

But I know you'll think they all did a marvelous job!

So my girls are all set, now to add thread painted trees to their next landscape.

Then we moved on, for the rest of the too short afternoon, to creating a friendly perch for their Chickadee!

Practice came first. ( I'm so mean! )

Then they FINALLY got started........
But alas for this blog installation, they didn't get finished.
So I will have to collect photos over the next little while as these fine sewers add their special touch to, what I know will be, a lovely keepsake of this great day!
We worked from 9 in the morning till after 3 in the afternoon, a day of tough concentration with a terrible taskmaster.
( ps. they all want to do it again! ) LOL