Thursday, 29 October 2015

End of Another Season - 2

Assembling this piece is quite different from my usual approach. I'm not working from a picture per se, so I spend a lot of time simply looking at the piece on my wall.

So what did I add today.

I tried thread painting a maple leaf on the gauze to maintain that open look.
I added an oak.
I added a series of tiny falling leaves and I added another leaf "path".

Doesn't sound like much but it took awhile.
( I also took some time out to carve the pumpkin! )

This was the maple leaf from yesterday. I was very happy with it but I tried a different approach today.

In order to thread paint on the gauze, I had to include netting, so there were more locations for the threads to grab. I stitched this one with gold and orange. It doesn't really show for all the effort. The higher contrast seems to work better.

This little oak adds some weigh to balance the intense maple leaf from yesterday. No thread painting, just veins and edges.

This, too, was from before, but I used a bit of darker cheesecloth in the body of the leaf. I like that effect.

And then I spent the better part of two hours making a few dominate leaves. We can't have this whole thing airy fairy!
Each one of these is very different because they are a sandwich of organza, Cheesecloth and netting. I was able to pick the small bits of colour I wanted to use to give each leaf distinct and at the same time subtle colour.

 I'll probably spent a few days, now auditioning the position of these 3 leaves. I may make more or I may stitch more onto the background. I might even turn it upside down!

However. there are some other things that need my attention. I'm comfortable with this piece now, where it is. But I'll get back to it soon.

Tomorrow there's a family birthday and then.....................