Sunday, 29 March 2015

New Pieces

My small group and I meet once a month to chat and to challenge ourselves and to learn. After our monumental push for the up coming quilt show we decided to revisit a fun and relaxing technique and to produce something simple and quick. Never trust the word quick. The time necessary to complete a project expands with the time given.

We meet again this week and "progress" is the key word.
I've combined two projects, the weaving and a second assignment, inspiration from a Paper napkin. Rolling them together for the concept/idea of Spring. ( Still below freezing here at night)

I recently did some weaving in an earlier project. My fabric was perfect.

 This second picture is the one I'm working with now.

Maybe not spring like? but this is made from my own hand painted cloth. The pale blues and greens soften the greys. Besides, my inspiration came from something similar.

So I scoured the internet for "how to make cloth Hydrangea" and sure enough there it was. All of their instructions use felt or silk but I had another of my fabrics I wanted to use.

Leaving the circles joined, they are hand stitched and drawn up like a "YO YO". This fabric was a little stiff but I was able to get some rather realistic colours. Stitching them to netting so I wouldn't have to sew them into shape on the already stiff quilted background, these little babies show promise for a lovely bouquet.
I guess I can go to my group now and show "progress".