Thursday, 26 March 2015

Prelude To an Afternoon with a Fawn - Final

I decided after all to enlarge this by about 2 inches all-around. It's not hard, just adding a few cobbled strips of canvas with a zigzag stitch. I was able to add a 2 inch complimentary border of green all around.

I added a few more leaves and ground foliage.
Then I found myself on line, trying to get a list of what deciduous shubs would be found in the forest.
Enough. I could play with this for  days.
Rather than lightening the rump of the fawn more, I darkened his chest and features facing away from the meadow. Other than his face being slightly foxy, he's cute.

So this exercise with backlighting was interesting. It did make me think a little more about light and where it would express itself.

On to the next piece ( ie finishing the quilt on my frame..tomorrow.)