Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Post Retreat Reflections

It might have been cold and rainy for most of the long weekend (5C at night) but it was a relaxing and fun time with my quilting friends.

I'm fortunate to have a friend with a second home on Lake of Bays and she generously opens it to this group each year. Though the group who attend changes each year as not everyone can make it, we still have a great time, and yes we do quilt. This year we produced an overly large piece of fabric that will become three comfort quilts for our charity of choice in Guelph.

And while the crazies among us did this .................................................... brrrrrrrrr,

a few of us retired to the boat house to paint fabric. After a quick demonstration I turned them loose. It's always fascinating to see what comes from someone else's brain. (note the coats and hats...it was rainy and cold).

The pieces of cloth were varied and exciting. I think everyone had fun. And they all went home with an interesting souvenir.

It's too bad the weather did not cooperate but at least my friends got a feel for the addictive nature of this new obsession of mine.