Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jelly Bean Houses of St Johns, Newfoundland

As our group entry for next years Quilt show we finally settled and agreed on the fabulous and fun Jelly bean Houses of St Johns. There are hundreds of photo of these Heritage house. They are an icon of Newfoundland and are in danger of disappearing s they are made only of wood. Restoration is costly and there is little assistance. Hopefully this will change as their value as tourist draw is great. I think they need to be declared a World Heritage Site. (if they aren't already?)

They are such a piece of eye candy my group thought they would have great appeal (for the judges??)
So I've wrestled with how to approach this assignment so it would be interesting and different. All out piece will be group mounted as a collage.

I ALMOST settled on doing a fish eye lens view. But then I came across this photo of a child's art class.

as well as this kooky interpretation.


And voila an idea was SET. Only blue and red organza  there folks. Lots and LOTS of detail to come.