Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Finishing up the Leftovers

If only we'd had today's brilliant sun on our retreat. My friends could have done so much more!

I mix these paints very sparingly as a little does go a long way. There were a couple of colours leftover that I decided I would finish as I had a few pieces started that could use those colours.

This started as one of my demo pieces where I showed how to make a very sharp line and then how to continue with a wash. There was enough of this olive colour left to wash the rest and highlight it with yellow and gold. This will develop still when I have a need. Pale blue sky and terra.

I had started this piece at home with the idea of fall leaf colour. Finishing it with reds, purples orange and olive, its ready to be fussy cut into leaf shapes for a future piece.

The other half of the cloth was green. Now it is ready also. with more depth and variation.

This last piece is "stormy". Done in two stages, washes of blue, green and black, dried, heat set and then rewashed with black. The "rumple" moves the paint again. The finished piece looks like it has wrinkles and deep chasms but it is perfectly flat on the wall. Too much fun.