Friday, 22 June 2018

Needled Grizzly - Day 1

I knew I would be back to the needle felting almost as soon as I mailed the other pieces.
Meet Boo.
A few years ago I had captured a larger image that included this Grizzly who lives at the Kickinghorse Mount Resort in a multi acre reserve half way up the mountain. He's kept because he became a pest in the area and now is used as a teaching tool.
After cropping the photo a while ago I waited until this technique cross my path and then another month or so 'til I had the confidence in the technique to try this baby.

I ran it through photoshop a few times until I came up with this colour definition

After tracing the outline with a few colour blocks to help keep me on track, I dove in.
I did try something different this time with the backing. I was unhappy with the tell tale line of stitching I used to attach the bears to the backing. This time I stitched the green backing, as little as there is, onto the stabilizer and am needling the edges right into the colour.

While it appears black, it's far from  it. The light contrast affected the camera.  

After I over corrected the colours, it shows the range of browns and blacks I'm working into this guy.
(The flecks are bits of straw.)
I do come away with my hands sooooo soft from the lanolin in the wool.

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