Friday, 1 June 2018

A Day and a Half ...... BEFORE my Second Cup of Coffee

I'm an early riser.
I do like to be outdoors and walk when things are calm and quiet. But when I glanced out the front window this morning I noticed I had a visitor, one that was very lost. A very large Snapping Turtle. Turtles are fast becoming and endangered species everywhere.

It's spring and she? must have looking for someplace to lay eggs. It had tried rather unsuccessfully to dig a suitable hole in the gravel driveway.

How it ended up here is a mystery and if you knew what the traffic was like only 30m away, you'd be a little concerned too.  I threw a box over top and weighed it down while I thought about this little? problem.

She? tried to get out but after a few minutes she just stared back at me.

I hemmed and hawed, debated waiting till 9:00 am to call the Humane Society. I didn't think they'd send someone asap to move a snapper half a kilometer. All of the other rescue people in Guelph were cats and dogs. I even considered calling the Fire dept.

Instead I finally googled "How to move a Snapping Turtle".

So we went on a little, albeit noisy, trip as I dragged her down the street, around the corner and into the wetlands that lay handy. Whether she came from there or a much larger area further away I'll never know.
Whether she stays there..........who knows.................

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