Friday, 3 November 2017

Snow Days - Picking a Quilt Motif

Having decided awhile ago that I was NOT going to do an all over pattern on this, I searched to see what others had done. Unfortunately the quality of the photos that end up on the Internet and Pinterest were not very useful.
I knew I wanted snowflakes. I decided there was no reason to join them in a continuous stream. That said, they could be any size.!  Snow flakes are really abundant in the CLOUD.

When it came to the large border, (I had added almost 8 inches), I decided to treat it differently, partially to maintain the border identity but also to ensure an good solid quilted edge.

I found this continuous  pattern on line and figured I could adapt it. After playing with the size and the placement of "diamonds" / "stars", I'm now ready to begin quilting this fellow.

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