Saturday, 4 November 2017

Finishing the Collage - Fish

I don't usually work on multiple things at once but I'm bending my rule because I have a quilt on the LA frame that is very slow work. While the detail is simple, circles, the material is flannel. The only way I can control the movement is to pin every inch, as I stitch.

I work on that in the mornings while I'm still 'fresh' and my back is happy. When things start to slow down I turn to my other projects.

There is a quilt on the hand frame and my 'Child's Art' is still waiting a decision from the grandparents. So I went back to the Collage.

I was of two minds with the background, but I ended up going with my hand dyed material and made the decision to add seaweed.

I'm using thick yarn. For this specie?, a small piece threaded through the couched 'stem' and unraveled makes a pretty good imitation of familiar vegetation.

Exactly where the fish will finally fit can't really be decided until all the seaweed is in place.

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