Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bread and Butter Quilting

This love affair with fabric doesn't come cheap so I'm very happy when custom quilting crosses my path.

I worked with 3 very different pieces this last week and I know the owners will be as pleased as I am with the end results. The largest one, a queen sized flannel took the longest. I could only work at it for a few hours each day. Every circle motif required thorough pinning as the material was so fluid. So it was very slow work. But it was completed with no folds or pinches, top or bottom.

The second, smaller piece was total ruler work. It too was slow but without the constant threat of materials shifting. This was a lovely piece to work on, a combination of 'shot cotton' and Kaffe fabrics.

The last quilt was very different again. With so much white and small accents of colour it appeared very delicate. This I gave a bright pink rayon thread treatment and used light fluid motifs of curls and loops.

All different and each requiring a different approach.

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