Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Collage Fish

Still not finished.
I have made progress.
I eliminated the second style of seaweed and concentrated on making the remaining strands realistic. This involved cutting one inch pieces of 6 strand embroidery floss (because that's what I had) and threading it through the yarn, gluing it in place and them 'fluffing' the strands apart.
I'm not finished, but its heading where I want it to go.

HOWEVER another issue has appeared.
I have used the "SEWLINE" brand air erasable pens for several years now. As promised the purple line disappeared, sometimes within minutes and sometimes a day.
This time is hanging around too long.
I drew a straight line on the water fabric to orient the bubbles. I used a stencil to get the bubbles perfect and varied. But the pen marks haven't gone yet. It's been over a week and I'm still holding on to my faith in the pen.

Until that time the marks disappear I won't attach the fish to the background. I may be spending time on something I will throw away but until I make that decision, I keep making seaweed.

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