Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rainy Day Delight

Delight you say?
I purged!! (heh heh heh)
"What did I purge", you say?
Closet and dresser.
It's scary and sad how much we accumulate and how difficult it is to let go:
That favourite sweater or the pants we just might fit into after the diet, (that never happens),
the angora sweater that I could never stand on my skin,
blouses that no longer button over the bust,
the 20 yr old sweater that came from Danier that I wore with the 20 yr old pencil leather skirt....(still have the skirt intending to cut it up for something?????),
threw away 2 bathing suits, T-shirts that shrank above the waistline, (they did too shrink),
underwear that doesn't stay up unless you're wearing pants..................I could go on!


I reduced 19 pair of jeans (hubby's) to 10.
What a feeling of accomplishment!

Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle all that costume jewelry.