Friday, 7 April 2017

Purging - Day 2

Three bags of donations sit by the door. Before I take them to the recycling site I decided I would do the jewelry as well.
I have worn many hats throughout my life, many different careers and many different roles, some of which required jewelry and some that did not. But as I went through the NINE containers and boxes I had squirreled away it was a definite trip down memory lane.

Earliest were the honor pins from grade school and high school. I took them out of the donation bin several times. Vacation pieces, wedding pieces, trinkets when my children were born, bits from my mother's collection. It was NOT easy.
But I seldom wear anything anymore. As Hubby likes to remind me. "the Queen isn't coming to visit anytime soon."
Keeping most of the "real" stuff,  I whittled it down, ruthlessly, several times, to one box.

So a big bag of primarily costume jewelry can go as well.
I did keep a couple of Quirky pieces that could end up on a piece of art, and then I spent an hour snipping the pearls/beads off my FAVOURITE sweater........ that I NEVER wore once.

I bought it to wear with a floor length kilt, (Stewart tartan). I bought it because my mother had something similar. Why did I never wear it? It was lambswool with ANGORA and it made my skin break out in hives! I've had it for 30+ years. Tried to wear it many times.

So I spent awhile this afternoon cutting all the pearls off. They too, may come in useful, and the sweater, after washing, can still go to a good cause.

Odds and sods. Three different sizes of pearls from the sweater, well over 100, (yes, that is a real but broken string of pearls), and some scrimshaw from the 80's, lace collars, never attached, and a couple of mismatched earrings that might come in handy.............some day.