Saturday, 15 April 2017

Birch Trees - Version 2

I was waiting hear if I had been accepted into the Riverwalk Art show in June, before I started a second version of this piece. Something this complex is almost impossible to repeat so a second version can only be a close relative.

Here's the original photo once more and my version. This is committed to the CQA quilt show in mid June so is unavailable. Hence I need to repeat this beauty.

original photo

Version 1

I only finished the filler background
I was totally distracted by "April" the giraffe calving...finally. Here's the calf.  (1hr old)

one day old.......ouch that's a BIG Baby

And here's the background. Larger and more varied pieces this time. I also covered the whole piece, committing to where the vegetation/colour changes will happen.

Much more blue for sky. I want some to clearly show. Much greater range of base colours as well. We'll see how this changes the finished piece.
No spray adhesive this time, just a few dabs of glue stick.