Friday, 14 April 2017

Birch Fabric

I spent a few days gardening, patiently waiting, since April 1, to hear if  had been accepted into the TO show in June. Their letters were only 12 days delayed but now I know I'm in and do need to replace the major yellow pieces that are going to the CQA show, later in June. The issue is, those pieces will be in the hands of the quilt show by the end of May, so unavailable for the TO show.
This TO show is the first weekend of June so I do have lots of time.
But I don't work that way. I now feel the need to start.
Today was material painting day.
I only need the birch material.
It took about two hours but most of that was drying and ironing time.

All the pieces I craft are different. This one was double spattered with paint, first with dilute black and then with a more concentrated black. Third came an effort to make some horizontal runs across the fabric but that didn't work well today. I had no "walnut water" left, so I finished this by "staining" with pale brown and pale orange, for those dirty spots on the mature trees. Anything else can be penned in at the end.

And a little slice shows how it resembles a birch tree.