Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Birch Trees - Day 6

This is ready for final stitching now. It will take much longer than the first time. That pass was a tight meander to capture the colour. This pass will be with coloured thread in a leaf tiny pattern.

Today the additions were done in 3 stages. First, additional branches were placed throughout the crown in black and tan. Then a layer of yellow/orange was placed between the trees as part of the background.

Last, a clumped scattering of bright yellows.

There was an addition of deeper oranges and reds at the base, but that will be finished last.

People have told me they've taken courses and tried this with only moderate success. Their "crumbs" migrate while they're sewing. The secret for me is to pin, pin, pin. I used this whole box of pins on this piece. Never enough pins.

Now it will be rolled and progressively stitched from top to bottom.